Blue Ridge Hand-Painted Floral Ceramic Dish

This hand-painted Blue Ridge dish is a celebration of artisan skill and the beauty of florals. Crafted with care, each brushstroke brings to life a bouquet of vibrant blossoms, making this piece a delightful nod to traditional Southern pottery. The whimsical contours and vivid colors make it a perfect centerpiece or a charming addition to your serveware.


  • Material: Durable ceramic, ideal for daily use or display
  • Technique: Hand-painted by skilled artisans, ensuring a unique piece with each creation
  • Design: A lively assortment of flowers and foliage with a focus on a standout cluster of blueberries, symbolizing the Blue Ridge line's signature style
  • Functionality: Versatile dish suitable for serving, as a decorative piece, or as a catch-all for small items
  • Dimensions: Comfortably sized to fit various settings and uses
  • Origin: Inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains, reflecting the region's natural beauty and artistic heritage
  • Style: A charming blend of rustic appeal and cheerful sophistication

Bring a touch of the Blue Ridge Mountains into your home with this exquisite dish. Whether it's used for serving up homemade delights or displayed as a work of art, this dish is sure to add a burst of color and a breath of fresh air to any room. Its hand-painted nature makes it as unique as it is beautiful—no two dishes are exactly alike.