Murano Glass Golden Crackle Leaf Bowl

Elevate your home decor with this luxurious Murano glass bowl, a treasure from the heart of Venice. Infused with real gold, the bowl's crackle detailing shimmers with a sumptuous glow, reflecting the opulence of its Italian craftsmanship. Its leaf-shaped design and autumnal tones create a piece that is both a visual and tactile delight.


  • Material: Genuine Murano glass, renowned for exceptional quality and artistry
  • Color Palette: Warm amber with a captivating crackle texture featuring real gold encased within the glass
  • Design: Sophisticated leaf shape with naturalistic vein impressions, exuding an organic elegance
  • Functionality: Perfect for use as a decorative centerpiece, an opulent fruit bowl, or a chic repository for keepsakes
  • Dimensions: Spacious and well-proportioned for prominent display
  • Origin: Handcrafted in Italy with a technique that embeds real gold for a luxurious effect
  • Style: A rich blend of Venetian tradition with a flair for contemporary luxury

This golden crackle Murano glass bowl is not only a statement piece but a fragment of Italian history, brought to life by the skilled hands of Venetian glassblowers. The inclusion of real gold within the amber glass elevates it to a level of sophistication and grandeur that is perfect for the discerning collector or as a gift that exudes extravagance. Let this magnificent piece be the crown jewel of your home, inviting both admiration and conversation.